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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Picked up my Cocoa Book

Last night (29 February 2009) I went over to a local bookstore to pick up my long-awaited copy of "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X" (3rd edition). The cover is really nice with multiple textures, but I was surprised at how the 3rd edition is just about as thick as the second edition. I ventured into the table of contents for comparison, and I found out that the following chapters were removed:
  • Using NSTextView
  • AppleScript
  • Creating Frameworks
  • GNUstep
  • Creating Interface Builder Palettes
I understand why the palettes and GNUstep chapters were removed (Interface Builder no longer uses Palettes and GNUstep is somewhat dormant at the moment). In return, a few other chapters were added, most notably on web services, Core Data, and Core Animation.

Of course, it's not just chapters added that counts - a lot of new things have been written, new challenges have been added, and it really seems like a much better book.