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Friday, February 20, 2009

I Switched to KDE 4

After KDE 4.2 was released, I have to say, I was hooked. The interface got cleaned up, everything is more elegant, practically bug-free, and not as sluggish as the original release (it's not as fast as GNOME yet, but it's been alright). As a big GNOME fan for quite a while now, the 4.2 release is almost at what could be considered commercially-ready. Will it be KDE that will tumble the world onto the GNU/Linux platform? I even remember seeing a photo of a bunch of KDE 4-based computers on display in Germany to celebrate the 4.0 beta. I can't seem to recall where I'd seen it, though.

Below is a screenshot of my current desktop, and I love it:


Josh said...

I too have been a GNOME user for years, but GNOME's lack of innovation and it's Luddite approach to development has annoyed me to the point of looking at KDE again. GNOME has, unfortunately, become a relic. Now if we could just convince KDErs to come up with more creative application names (rather than just sprinkling Ks in everywhere).

Anonymous said...

Since I'm a KDEr at heart, i gave 4.2 a serious try just the other day. one reoccuring problem was the crashing of plasmoid desktop. But what i really missed was the ability to switch between tabs in applications by scrolling by mousewheel when the cursor is hovering over the tab bar.

I admit it, i'm too attached to that feature to leave it behind! But knowing that KDE developers aren't as anal as gnome developers, there is a good chance to see it implemented sometime in the future.

Anonymous said...

I had been using Xfce as visually I don't see too much of a difference between it and GNOME, but with the added speed advantage. I sometimes become fixated by good looking desktops so gave KDE 4.2 a try; and I like the way it looks! in fact I'm using it now. There are two bugs I've noticed however with Firefox and Compiz on KDE and a slight problem with the Folder View. It is much more stable than before though, and I'm sure time and development will fix those bugs.