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Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Features in GTK+ 2.15.0

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Two days ago (1 January, 2009) the development release leading up to GTK+ 2.16.0 was released. Here are the new features that will be available in the next release as far as widgets go (I've especially been waiting for GtkFileChooser to be able to show file sizes):
* GtkFileChooser
- Optionally shows file sizes
- Mounts volumes when necessary
- Picks better mime icons

* GtkEntry
- Can show icons at either side of the entry, which can be made
clickable, drag sources, etc
- Can show progress information
- Picks the best available placeholder character for invisible entries
unless it is explicitly set. See the invisible-char-set property
- Input methods work again in invisible entries
- Invisible entries can optionally display a caps-lock warning. This
can be turned off with the caps-lock-warning property

* GtkStatusIcon
- Uses an extension of the tray icon spec to negotiate RGBA support.
This is also supported by the GNOME panel. For details, see
- Supports scroll events, middle clicks and rich tooltips

* GtkLinkButton
- Respects user-defined tooltips
- Has a default url hook

* GtkBuilder
- Can construct menus
- Can associate accel groups with windows
- Child properties can now be translatable, e.g.

* GtkOrientable
- A new interface implemented by all widgets that have horizontal and
vertical variants

* Printing support
- Print-to-file can save to non-local files
- Page rendering can be deferred to a thread to avoid blocking the

- GdkKeymap emits a state-changed signal when the Caps Lock state

There are also new theming and translation features, as well as four newly-deprecated functions. See the mailing list announcement for more details.