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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Alpine and Mailing Lists

Alpine is a rather well-known email client. It stands for "Alternatively-Licensed Pine." The developers at the University of Washington (Seattle) wanted to maintain a free code base while keeping a close relationship to the trademarked Pine.

I like Alpine. It's really nice, but I only use it for my text-only mailing lists. That's because a lot of modern newsletters and personal email are filled with images. Sure, I know I could just download the images from within Alpine and open them with Feh, but then I'd need to try to piece together the images to see what part of the email the image belongs to... all in all, it would be some tedious work.

However, with text-only emails, Alpine has the speed and stability I need to quickly get to a message, read it, reply (if needed), or send out a new one in a way that is yet unmatched by GUI mail clients. Moreover, the clean interface makes using it all the more fun.

Why not try out Alpine? Most distros' package managers should have it, and it's easy to set it up for using your Gmail account and IMAP.