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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Symphony on Ubuntu: To Fix

Here are three reasons why I'm not using IBM Lotus Symphony on Ubuntu (I like the whole concept of the application, but it doesn't look native neither on Mac OS X nor on Ubuntu):

  1. Windows 95 Controls. No. That's just wrong. How about using Cleanlooks, or at least trying to imitate it somewhat well, like the Qt apps?
  2. I can't resize the Properties pane, and some controls are partially missing.
  3. Bad rendering of traditional Chinese text in a Rich Text File. What's up with the boxes, Euro signs, and Greek letters? The same file opened with no problem on OpenOffice 3. (Note, though, that no part of the actual text has been lost. All the sentences are still legible if you take away all the other symbols).
This isn't, however, the first time major cross-platform software has looked awkward.