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Friday, November 14, 2008

I Still Don't Get This

This has probably been around since one of the first version of Word on any platform (I've seen this a lot of times), and I still don't get why it exists.
The font "Nonexistent Font" is not available on your system. Do you want to use it anyway?

... this makes no sense.


Anonymous said...

it's probably for portability, if the font is installed on another pc and you open the word file on said pc, you would see the file in the correct font, makes little sense, but hey, when have MS ever done anything sensible?

Anonymous said...

^ Exactly my point. Honestly, a lot of things MS does make no sense.

Patrick Braga said...

The portability thing is very plausible, although I would expect Microsoft to make the dialog says something like "A font in this document is not installed on your system yet is present in the document, perhaps because the system from which the document originated has that font installed" rather than this meaningless message.