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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Windows 7 copies Fedora

200th post!

Windows 7 copied Linux again. Milestone 3 was recently announced at PDC, and now, Microsoft got another inspiration from Linux, and this time it wasn't even a user feature. Compare the default desktops: Windows 7 and Fedora 9 GNOME (screenshots courtesy of the WinSuperSite and Wikipedia).

Larger Image:


julian said...

i am lost i dont see any familurarity. there is no copying at all. its not like fedora core invented the glare of a bright light picture. that is a famous type of picture for many of centuries. also thats not even windows 7 default background. it never used that so stop writing bs.

julian said...

just so you realize one picture is of an underwater shot of some light above(windows 7) the other is an outer space shot(fedora) so wheres the copying?

Patrick Braga said...


It was the default background when Windows 7 was in Beta. Take a look at the date - it was written October of last year; it's bound to be outdated.

It is true that the RC wallpaper looks nothing like the Fedora one. I understand that the notion of the picture itself is not new at all, but it is overly coincidental that one operating system picked the same wallpaper image as another.

And I always interpreted the Fedora wallpaper as being underwater, not in outer space ;)