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Saturday, October 4, 2008

What Ubuntu is Missing

I'm finishing up my Fedora DVD download right now (can't wait until Fedora 10 comes out), and the main reason that I'm switching to Fedora, at least temporarily, is to install some GTK+ developer files. You see, I haven't been able to get online on my Linux computer lately due to some ISP problems, so I haven't been able to install the developer files since my last reinstall. That's why I think Ubuntu should have a DVD option, like Fedora, so that you can choose what extra applications and files should be installed.

Anyway, let's hope the checksum turns out correctly :)


Anonymous said...

Well I think you won't have to wait much for your Ubuntu DVD

Look here:


...DVD Iso.
That's for intreprid (8.10) which is still in beta.
Not sure how there are intending to release (dvd + cd version ?) but there definitely seem a DVD version is here :)