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Friday, October 24, 2008

ImageBoot Doesn't Surprise Me

I'm glad Apple's finally (probably) bringing a Cocoa Finder in Snow Leopard, which may indicate some sort of Carbon wrapper for Cocoa applications in the future, but what doesn't surprise me is ImageBoot. According to MacRumors, ImageBoot "should allow Macs to boot from a disk image".... except that already exists. 

In fact, that's how installed Ubuntu on my MacBook a few months back. I had the disk image, I went into Disk Utility, made a special partition on my hard drive for the Ubuntu installation, selected the hard drive in the source view, selected the "Restore" tab, and just followed the instructions.

Sure, it's not booting directly off the disk image, but it has the same effect. 


Anand Gupta said...

oh, btw, you can do imageboot in leopard as well..just read-only: there is a boot-flag "rp=[path to dmg].dmg" that will load a disk image and mount it with IOHDIXController.kext... Its how netboot works.