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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Snow Leopard will be Darker: More Hints

I've previously published two posts with sources and reasons as to why it seems that OS X Snow Leopard will have a darker UI:

Now, with iTunes 8 being released a few hours ago, I have more hints supporting the idea that Snow Leopard will be dark:
  • As I've posted some times before, Apple keeps a consistent user interface among their applications, being web, desktop, or even iDevices.
  • iTunes has a few times back predicted the future of Apple interfaces (darker toolbar, non-Platinum look, etc).
  • In iTunes 8, (only) in the Grid View, the scroll bars are darker. Sure, the scroll bars in iTunes have been non-Aqua for a while now, but this time around it's even darker. Also, the Grid View sub-toolbar has the same look as the MobileMe toolbar, meaning Apple's beginning to merge the interfaces....
I'm going to continue supporting the idea and hunting down proof for it. In the meanwhile, here are some screenshots from the Grid View: