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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Presenting Like Steve Jobs

We've all seen Steve Jobs' presentations and we all love them. We know they're the some of the best and certainly the most capturing. Now the secret is released. In 17 steps you can easily make your presentation Jobs-like:
  1. Set the theme in a single headline
  2. Make the theme clear and consistent throughout the presentation
  3. Provide the outline
  4. Open and close each section with a clear transition
  5. Demonstrate enthusiasm "extroardinary, amazing, cool"
  6. Wow the audience
  7. Sell an experience
  8. Make numbers and statistics meaningful - put them in context
  9. Visual, simple on the eyes
  10. Very little text
  11. One to two pics per slide
  12. Simple picture that doesn't overwhelm
  13. Demos, Videos, Dramatic Flair
  14. Give them a show
  15. Identify a memorable moment and build up to it
  16. Rehearse!!!
  17. One more thing.... (gives audience feeling of having an added bonus)
Video Link (YouTube)