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Monday, July 7, 2008

Patenting the Ribbon means Goodbye, Tab Views!

If Microsoft tries to patent the Ribbon interface used in Office 2007, using tab views to allow the user to select certain tasks will be illegal. That's all the ribbon is - a nice-looking tab view with buttons and menus on it.

I'm not saying I think the Ribbon is a bad thing; I actually really like the Office 2007 Ribbon, even though it was not well-ported to Mac OS X in Office 2008. (I think that for Office 2008, they should have a menu for each tab in the Ribbon in Office 2007 and have the menu items be what's in the tab view (which is all the Ribbon is, a tab view, nothing more)). I just don't think Microsoft should patent it because then anything involving tab views could be taken as illegal patent copying or whatever term one would use for it.

This link probably has more info on the patent.

post has been revised to better suit what I'm trying to get across


Anonymous said...

Any references?

Frankie said...

I read the article. I read the FAQ. I read the Office UI License. Not one of them says there is a patent. The only occurance of the word patent is in the boilerplate definition of "Microsoft IP" in the license document.