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Monday, July 7, 2008

Linux in the Stores

Linux hardware is finally starting to make its debut in consumer stores. Here in Brazil, in the store Saraiva, I noticed two KDE 3-based laptops, both apparently built upon some version of Kubuntu; one wasn't that customized and had the normal bar and K menu at the bottom, and the other one was so customized at first I thought it was Vista with the taskbar put on the side! I also the noticed the MacBook Air, the regular MacBook, and an iMac, all extremely overpriced (come on, Apple! Manufacture the computers in the countries and the price will be better). I was in the US recently and I find that not even having Macs is a sad, sad thing. I've met a lot of people who think Microsoft made their computer and Dell is their reseller, who think a computer crashing and getting viruses is an alright thing, and that Internet Explorer is the internet! Brazil is making an extremely smart move in the technology field and I proudly applaud the country for that.


Anonymous said...

Well Linus Format just snuck Dutsy Gibbon (7.10) into a local bookstore's magazine racks... heck, from when I checked a week ago, it looks like two copiies moved. (It's twenty three buicks but.. it's still [i]there[/i].)