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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Geekiest Nighthmare

I just woke up from having what probably is the geekiest nightmare I've ever had. It was February 2009 and I'm on IRC using a weird client that I currently don't know what it is (it seemed like a mix between Colloquy and Linkinus but with a status bar at the bottom of the chat window). This nightmare probably came up due to me yesterday thinking about GPL and receiving some pretty weird spamvertisements on IRC. Here's how it goes:

I was IRC'ing away when user Renoult sends me a private message saying that we should exchange photographs of leaves, trees, and flowers. I'm about to add him on ignore when user Linux*** (where *** stands for three letters I can't currently recall) joins the private message section (which isn't possible on IRC, I don't think) and starts saying to Renoult, "I'll help you with that," and the status bar shows messages of files in my home directory being copied to Renoult's computer. I try to force-quit the app but it doesn't work, I try holding the power button for five seconds but it doesn't work until I finally unplug the MacBook and take the battery out. I take a sigh of relief and look down to the ground, seeing the power switch I could have flicked off for the router, which I turn off just in case.

I then look over to my cousin's PC apparently running XFCE with an OS X Jaguar theme and she's running Colloquy (or an IRC client that looks just like it) and looking at an ad in Firefox for how to win a free iBook (remember, somewhere in this nightmare I was warned that it takes place in February 2009), and I tell her about what happens and she replies with "I told you IRC was insecure and MSN is better."

Then I wake up at 4:30 AM. It's one of those nightmares when it's really scary when you dream it but when you wake up it ends up sounding dumb....