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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Snow Leopard Build 10A96

In this first developer preview of Snow Leopard there isn't anything that really stands out yet, except that System Preferences shows whether or not the system is run at 64-bit (probably part of Grand Central) and some apps have been updated (Address Book is 5.0, Mail is 4.0, Photo Booth is 3.0, etc). And it's official: Snow Leopard is 10.6

It's interesting to note how some apps were already being worked on by the end of May this year.

Screenshots from OrchardSpy

And just for fun: if get screenshots without the title bar (Command+Shift+4) and change its icon and file name and you can say to your friends, "Look I have Snow Leopard" when you really just have, well, Leopard.