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Monday, June 9, 2008

OS X 10.6 Pre-WWDC Secrets

I was able to contact someone on IRC who said they happened to have an early seed of OS X 10.6; here's the info I was able to get from them before they went offline:

Q: what's different?
A: mostly just speed/stability, but the ui is going darker
Q: like iTunes?
A: darker
Q: send me a screenshot plz
A: can't it's all marked
A: with user information
Q: [use an image editor to] blur out the parts with your info on it
A: it's more advanced than that
Q:go into the guest account :)
A: they've thought of that
Q: and where'd you get it from
A: I can't tell you that
Q: why can't you tell me?
A: I can't tell you why, but it has to do with the new ui
Q: what about the new ui?

then the person left. Seems interesting. Not very reliable, though


eAi said...

Seems fake.