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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

openSUSE 11 Review

I know it's a day early, but I was able to get my hands on a copy of the release version of openSUSE 11 and I must say it's a really good distribution! Here are three lists of what I noticed, what I liked, and what I didn't like about this new release (the GNOME live CD, specifically):
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What I noticed
  • new icon for the home folder
  • boot speed - it was pretty fast for a live CD
  • new OpenOffice.org splash Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
  • Cheese - like Photo Booth but for Linux-compatible systems (but for some reason doesn't come preinstalled with Ubuntu)
  • Monsoon bittorrent client
  • Tasque task manager - for use with Remember the Milk
  • Default GNOME, openSUSE 10.2/3 wallpapers, the latter of which are available in HD and non-HD formats (one has greater resolution than the other)
  • openSUSE-related bookmarks in Firefox 3 Beta 5
  • screen resolution applet in the panel
What I liked
  • comes with a "Quick Start" PDF in the home folder
  • automatically recognized my monitor's best screen resolution
  • latest version of GNOME (2.22)
  • fast OpenOffice load time
  • The GNOME default wallpaper is finally available in a distribution! FTW!
  • Out-of-the-box support for Asian text
  • XGL
What I didn't like
  • Empty bin and public_html folders in the home folder without explanation (all the distros I have ever used don't have these)
  • I wasn't able to get desktop effects running automatically because of my nVidia card... again... (but this can be fixed easily here)
  • Num Lock isn't automatically enabled, like on every single GNOME distro
Overall, it was a great distro and I really enjoyed it! I would strongly recommend everyone try out the gold master.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic review!

Anonymous said...

... and with such depth!

Anonymous said...

loool :p

Anonymous said...

It seems you are totally new to linux or you haven't used linux for anything beyond a home desktop. For regular linux guys, the bin and public_html need no explanation. Anyhow bin is the folder where you keep the programs you have or compiled and public_html is for storing your webpage. The last one is usefull if you work in a company and everyone maintains his own webpage.

Ivan said...

The new YaST is impressive!
Finally, the [abort] button works.
Updating and refreshing repos is sooo fast!
Latest KDE 4.1 builds are also excellent and are able to replace nearly all 3.5.9-programs from the point of functionality.
Can't wait to tomorrow! ;)

Anonymous said...

Excellent review! We want to know what a regular user thinks of this. PS: I can't count the number of distros saying that a distro should just work. Opensuse does not say that. They went ahead and did it.

Ajof said...

Hi, its nice that you managed to get this one out before the release!
I linked to this article in a small little post on my blog here: http://www.ajof.info/blog
Hope you don't mind! The link has sent 7 people through to here so far.

surjagain said...

just tried out the OS on VirtualBox 1.60 and it works beautifully. I'm using the Gnome desktop and it's really smooth. This, at least initially seems to be a very good release. I'm going to install this on my Lenovo 3000 Y500 laptop (which had keyboard and touchpad issues with Ubuntu 8.04) and see how it works. A preliminary look does seem to suggest that this is only going to get better. Cheers to the SUSE team :)

Anonymous said...

I have created a Multimedia Pack portable for Open Suse, the included programs and codecs are:

1) kchmviewer
2) mplayer, mplayer plugin
3) audacious
4) k3b, k3b-codecs
5) sox
6) devede
7) audacity
8) avidemux
9) ffmpeg
10) transcode
11) ntfs-config
12) vlc
13) libdvdcss
14) w32codecs
15) xine
16) xmms
17) dvdShrink
18) k9copy
19) Gtkpod
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24) Kaffeine
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I created a blog about the MMP 2008 where you can download the pack:


famewolf said...

Just curious if you tried Opensuse 11 on your Inspiron 530 yet? I've been unable to get the mic to work and wondered if it was a hardware/driver issue or operator error. ;)