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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Giving up with Microsoft

Well, that was enough for the Microsoft posts. Now, onto more Unix; Microsoft isn't what this blog's readers want to know about.

Anyway, I'm happy that KDE 4.1 is coming along and I'll be downloading it on my Mac as soon as it's available as a final release (release candidates/alphas/betas have never worked well for me).

OpenSUSE 11 seems promising - I'll be sure to try it out when it's released.

Oh, and can't forget WWDC's coming in less than a week! Will we see an OS X 10.6 beta? I sure hope so.... Oh, and my guesses are that codename "Lion" will be the last OS X version. What will OS 11 be? OS Xi? OS XI? or iX? :P or will Apple rename it to the iOS (hey, Steve Jobs is the iCEO!)

Ok, enough with this coming-back rant and onto Unix posts!


Brian said...

That's more like it! Keep up the great work, the last posts have been great!