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Monday, June 9, 2008

Confirmed: OS X Snow Leopard Will Be Darker

It's pretty much confirmed that OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" will be darker. Just take a look at this screenshot of mobileMe and how dark the toolbar is. I bet Snow Leopard is gonna follow. So I guess this person I talked to was right. 

I reached this conclusion because it's very coincidental that two sources imply dark interfaces and that Apple generally keeps similar interfaces among products. 

And just another note: I've started the Wikipedia article Mac OS X v10.6.


Anonymous said...

You may be waiting for 10.7 for the darker interface.

Snow Leopard looks to be the second coming of "Tiger (Intel)". The guts will change radically but the UI will stay the same, and the upgrade will only be of interest to people with brand-new hardware. It wouldn't be surprising to see Apple continue to sell Leopard in a software box even after Snow Leopard ships on new hardware, same as what they did with Tiger and Tiger for Intel, which sold side-by-side in the Apple Store, Tiger in a software box, Tiger for Intel In every Mac. People are saying "how can Apple charge for Snow Leopard if it is just improvements to the guts with no new user features?" and the answer is, they can sell it inside new Macs with hardware that can take advantage of it, same as Tiger for Intel. Everything that we know about Snow Leopard suggests it will be a must-have upgrade if you have >8 CPU's or >4 GB RAM (a new machine) but if you have PowerPC or 32-bit Intel (the first year or so of Intel Macs) then you can't even run Snow Leopard. So Snow Leopard is going to sell to people who care about the new hardware specs.

So the Mac interface may be getting darker (it has been since 10.0, which seems blindingly white when you look at it now), but it isn't necessarily going to change much during the Leopard era.