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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Apple Hasn't Been Focusing on Macs

It's pretty obvious Apple hasn't been paying attention to the Mac itself, but instead focusing all of its attention on iPhone and a little bit of iPod in its advertisements.

When you arrive at the Apple store, it feels like they're saying "Here are our phones and music players. Oh, yeah - we have some computers back there if you're interested." Generally, the only computers in the front are MacBook(Pro)s. And if you go to Apple's WWDC page, "iPhone" is the title of the first tab under the sessions that will be available.

So why'd Apple shift all the attention to iPhone? As a way to market Macintosh! Sounds weird, I know, but I guess they reasoned that "if we want OS X to be more widely used, we should make a big deal about iPhone development, and make OS X the only platf0rm you can develop for iPhone on!" It sortof makes sense, but really, Apple, what about the people who already have Macs? We want exciting upgrades and new software, too!

I like the new version of Xcode, by the way, but how about updating some other things, too, or adding new stuff? Maybe merging Mail, Address Book, and iCal? ;)