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Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's Missing OpenOffice.org 3 for OS X

EDIT: Sun joined the OOo Aqua port after it was decided in OOoCon 2005 - it was not started by sun(kudos to Eric Bachard for the extra info!)

I think it was cool that Sun's OOo team decided to (finally!) port OpenOffice over to Aqua, meaning no X11 for us OS X users. This idea had already been pioneered, though, by NeoOffice, and there are still some things OOo 3 for Mac are missing that I hope the developers fill in:

  1. A better native look: what are with the pinstripes? Those are way too pre-Leopard-like. Unify the interface and remove the pinstripes. And some buttons' sizes just look out of place. Also, try to use the unified toolbars (see iWork 08 for examples).
  2. Speaking of toolbars, some better icons on the toolbar, please: perhaps some of those Aqua/Pastel-like icons we see in NeoOffice, Adium, Grapher, Colloquy, etc. Don't forget the app's main icon - it looks nothing Aqua-like and needs some redoing.
  3. speed it up a bit.
I know, those are mostly aesthetic "bugs," but isn't how your computer looks a big thing about how much your productivity is increased? Usually GUI stuff is left for the end of development, but try to squeeze it in - it'll make a big difference.


ericb said...

Please correct your blog :

This is not the Sun's Team who decided to port openOffice.org over to Aqua, but the Mac OS X porting project. Historicaly, it was decided during OOoCon 2005 ( Koper -Capodistria / Slovenia ). The Sun Team joined the port only last year ( May 2007).

Second, if the OpenOffice.org Aqua default iconset is not enough well for you ( what I can understand) , what about open Preferences, and change for another set ?

For example, have you seen there are Crystal and Tango iconsets ? ( I'd suggest to use Crystal as Big Icons , really nice imho)

Of course, if you write code, your patches are warmly welcome, and you can join us on IRC, #ooo_macport channel to discuss them, or even at mac@porting.openoffice.org mailing list.

Thanks a lot for your post anyway :)

Eric Bachard