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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mail, Address Book, and iCal Merge

As I was fumbling back and forth today between Mail, iCal, and Address Book, I thought to myself, 'wouldn't it be nice if the apps were integrated, similar to GNOME's Evolution?' So then I decided to hop on over to Apple's OS X Feedback Page, and I sent this to them:

It seems that if Mail, Address Book, and iCal were merged as one application instead of two separate ones, the applications would be much more useful. Here are a couple of tasks that could be simplified with a merge of the applications: linking a date with an e-mail, inserting address book contacts in Mail (Address Book is small enough, why not just push it into Mail anyway?), linking todo's in Mail with certain dates and see to-do's that are still to-be-done, and the list just goes on. Maybe this doesn't necessarily need to be addressed in Leopard, but it'd be nice to see it in OS X 10.6.

Here are a couple other advantages I didn't mention: less Dock space, less disk space (Address Book, iCal, and Mail obviously have some shared code), more organized. What's your opinion on merging the apps? Is it a good idea, or do you not agree with it?


Justin Bradshaw said...

I disagree. If you want a merged Address Book, Mail and iCal, you should use Entourage. Seriously, Entourage 2008, while still having a monolithic database (which has major drawbacks), is a good example of what you want.

I like having them separate. They integrate very well I think (i.e. Mail's data detectors) and might get too bloated and/or confusing (i.e. Entourage) if merged.


PS:You can call me The Mr. Geek if you want, but I prefer "Mister Digital Life Coach", haha. Or just DLC for short! :)