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Monday, May 19, 2008

How to Download Embedded Videos

Ever come across that has the embedded video or audio file that you really want to save? Well, it's really easy to scoop out that video, whether QuickTime, AVI, etc. it can be done.

First off, YouTube. Just go here. After downloading the file, add a .swf extension. Make sure you have an SWF-compatible video player, such as VLC.

Ok, now onto all other files. On Safari go to Window>Activity, and in the size column, look for a file that's a couple of MB big (This works better if the video is still loading). Once you find it, option(alt)+double-click on it and it should begin downloading. Firefox is a different beast to tame. Go to Tools > Page Info, find your movie file under the Media tab, and click the Save as... button.