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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fighting the Vista FUD

Please be aware that I'm still testing Vista, so there will not be a lot of detail in this post.

Yep, I did it. I gave in and installed Vista. Now it's time to fight the FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, an interesting but sure political strategy.

Personally, 2008's Linux distros weren't stable enough. Hardy Heron was the most stable, though, but a bunch of graphics issues kept suddenly popping up and I decided to go to Fedora 9. There, graphics issues were resolved, but the system just wasn't stable enough and the package management system was broken since the group files weren't well set up and it was hard to configure gdm since gdmsetup was gone. Overall, it was rushed release. Then I switched over to Kubuntu. It was finally a stable distro, but I still had a lot of configuring to do. I the gave up and decided to try Vista to see if it was as bad as everyone says it is.

Turns out Vista isn't as bad as many advertise it. To be honest, it runs more quickly than xp and I find its directory system more organised than previous Windows versions. Now, for fighting the FUD.

F: Fear. People are fearing Vista won't be compatible with their hardware and software. To start off, it was more compatible with my hardware than previous Windows versions; all I had to do was install two drivers that I easily downloaded from the internet and I quickly got access to the Aero effects and networking, which is a lot less than if I at least wanted a good screen resolution on the distros.

U: Uncertainty. People aren't certain that they should spend a lot of money on Vista. Granted, Vista's price is a bit hefty, but you have to take a look at the advantages if you can't afford a Mac or if this year's distros aren't good enough (I know I'm excluding alternative OS's here), Vista's a heck of a lot more stable than XP and the OS X likeness of many of some of its apps make it more relaxing to use a PC.

D: Doubt. People doubt that Vista is as good as Microsoft says it is. They doubt that the new look will make using the computer easier; if anything, they think it'll make it harder to use! But no, it's not like that - if you know and love the Ribbon interface from the newest releases of Microsoft Office, you'll feel right at home using Windows Photo Gallery, Internet Explorer, and even Explorer itself! Now, the ribbon interfaces aren't as clearly ribbonized on these apps as Office itself. These are more like menu-based ribbons (in other words, no menu bar and buttons next to menus on the toolbar), but they still convey the same idea.

I (and Microsoft, too) hope you'll release all the FUD you have about Vista. Keep your opinions, though! If it runs slowly or is buggy on your hardware, it's a shame, but its capabilities can be well-exploited on many systems, including Macs.


Yert said...

I like it; has a good start, and idea, but its too short. Your post lacks detail. I assume this is because you are still testing Vista out?

Andy said...

To start off, it was more compatible with my hardware than previous Windows versions

In a similar note, I have never been killed and, therefore, that must mean nobody has ever been killed. Right? RIGHT? Zealots preaching human mortality are just spreading fear, I guess.

That it runs nicely on your hardware doesn't mean squat. Microsoft itself acknowledged the compatibility issues (most of them caused by crappy nvidia drivers).