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Saturday, May 31, 2008

All Hail the Windows Registry!

Or, in other words, how to remove the "non-commercial use" tag from Office 2007 Home and Student Edition. I recently installed Office 2007 Home and Student Edition for its nice price but was greeted with the annoying "non-commercial use" tag on every window. Microsoft Word non-commerical use, Microsoft, PowerPoint non-commercial use, and it eventually just plain got annoying. So I opened up regedit, searched for the string "non-commercial" (no quotes) and replaced the annoyance in Word and PowerPoint. Same for Excel and OneNote. But, uh-oh! It's back! I'll continue trying to get across this annoyance. The Unix Geek goes on in a Windows world... (no I'm not The Windows Geek, I'm a Windows visitor :P )

Edit: here's the way to do it, source here:

Make sure you have opened all the Office products at least once in order to create a registry key. Under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0 then select your product (let's take Word, for example) and change the WordName key to take out the non-commercial use tag. Go to Edit > Permissions, click on Advanced, uncheck "Inherit from parent...", select copy, and remove the "Full Control" ability from administrators and the user you're logged in as. Click OK until you're back to the main form and do the same for PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote.



Anonymous said...

The one downside to this fix is that it deletes your "Recent Documents" list. I was going crazy trying to figure out why the list was missing, and then I realized it was because I changed the permissions in the registry.

I ended up changing the resume back. I guess I can put up with the annoyance of seeing "Microsoft Word non-commercial use" if having that there means I can access my document list.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, changed the "registry" back, not the "resume"

Peter said...

Whe I tried this it worked for Word 2007, Excel 2007, Access 2007 etc...But When I went to start Outlook 2007 I got the following message:

The program is not registered properly. Please run Setup again.

I tried a Office repair, but no change, so I had to do a system restore.

Any suggestions apart from completely removing/reinstalling Office 2007?

Graham said...

Okay so I tried this and ended up with the same as Peter... Do you have any way of fixing this? I know that you can go back in and adjust the registry back and outlook will reopen but it says the same as before (non commercial use).

Adz said...

To fix the Outlook problem, just put back the current user to the permissions list and give Full Control.

jameslex said...

Doesn't work on Windows 7. I get "add" or "remove" instead of 'copy.' Is there a way to get around this?