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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Downgrading to Tiger

Yes, I admit it. I downgraded back to Tiger. And then I upgraded back to Leopard two hours later - I can't live without the latest (and greatest) technology. This, of course, takes Vista off the list. Anyway, I decided to e-mail a friend about my adventures and I accidently made a poem describing my adventures back to Tiger. Here it is for your enjoyment.... or annoyance.
I downgraded to Tiger!

now I'm back with the pinstripes,
the low-contrast window buttons
the white menu bar
a brighter screen
office 2004 fitting into the interface
(it's more stable than 2008)
iTunes working fine
Safari 3

everything's nice!

Tiger is simpler - the look, the whole feeling about it
with Leopard, Apple changed its personality.
it's no longer the innocent company we knew in the 1990s (or maybe didn't know)
it's changed
it's mean
it's nice
it's better
it's worse
it's modern
it's old

and that's all there is to it
and Tiger brings back that feeling
that nice feeling
a good feeling
of the joy of computing

The "joy of computing" thing - nostalgia. Reminded me of the 1990's Macs and Windows 95.... :)