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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Is KDE 4 a Huge Step Backwards?

Is KDE 4 a big step backwards for KDE? Sure seems like it. I mean, I love the new Kickoff K menu, the Plasma widgets and graphics (which I'm surprised can run on an 8-year-old computer), but check out the windows. It's really hard on the default theme to tell which windows is the active window and which isn't where it not for shadows and overlapping.  Also, look at the taskbar. In previous versions of KDE, it was easy to tell if something was an open application or a button, but now huge icons make it harder to distinguish. These are both really bad interface design flaws. Overall, the K Desktop Environment 4 has nice features, but until the default theme is changed (since I usually stick to the defaults) and there are two rows for open applications again, I'm not sure I want to upgrade. It can make lots of people happy, but I don't seem that attracted to it. 


Anonymous said...

A minor issue in the default theme is hardly "a Huge Step Backwards".

If you think it is, 4.0.0 is not for you (go read Aaron Siego's blog post, or KDE's KDE 4.0 Reviewer Reminders).

However, it most likely is something that should be addressed, so you should file an enhancement request for the theme.

Anonymous said...
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