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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sign #178903 that Vista Isn't Doing Well

Sign #178903 that Vista Isn't Doing Well
  • The Removal of Visual Basic from Mac Office 2008
This is probably another one of Microsoft's devious plans to move Mac users back to the PC base. The point of having Office run on the Mac is for it to be the most compatible as possible with Windows, but macros that were even on older Office files will not work with 2008. This will be serious for large businesses and enterprises who need the Excel macros and run on Macs. They'll either

  1. Not upgrade
  2. Move back to the PC with Office 2003 (since Excel power users hate Office 2007)
  3. Move back to the PC with Office 2007 with various frustrations
Nice move, Microsoft. Why don't you just drop DOS and all the cheesy graphics effects and start anew with Un*x?


Anonymous said...

I think since beginning stand it of Microsoft only do the business importance wisdom, like to pirates other O/S (xerox computer, apple, etc), also less has an original idea (mostly now the idea came from linux). And (like usually) to force user so that always irrespective microsoft. How cruel Gates !

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't M$ near *n*x. You know that Microsoft could do the impossible and make a flavour of *n*x just as bad as Windows. That's how much they suck.

PS - The guy above me is ether ESL or used an online translator.