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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Not-So-Interesting OS X Discoveries

What if I told you that OS X has a new Dock bug, [ED: and] that you just deleted TextEdit, or that OS X and Linux are closer than you might think

Let's go step by step. I apparently tried to drag an application off the dock while dragging a file onto another application at the same time (the computer slowed down and I went on doing it anyway before the action was performed). Here's the turnout:
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Now, what would you do if you had accidentally deleted TextEdit and didn't feel like getting out your install disk because you'll be wiping your system anyway in a few days? Xcode is the answer! It works fine as a rich text editor (and a plain text editor, I'm also assuming).

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And now, what would you think if I told you that the Un*x base isn't one of the few things OS X and Linux share. In other words, CUPS? This was a surprise for me. I had known the Common Unix Printing System [ED: buggily] on Ubuntu for a while, but I didn't know OS X had also implemented it at all (and in a MUCH more stable fashion, I might add)! Found it under a security update. Apple maintains CUPS.
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Anonymous said...

Apple only bought CUPS in 2007-02. They've been using it in OS X since 2002.