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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

GeekThought: If it's free, should it be open source?

When I say free here, I mean free as in "no price" not as in "free speech." If companies release free software, unless some type of revenue is made from it, why shouldn't it be open source? Ok. Take Safari from Apple for example. It's free, right? Anyone can download it and give feedback, etc. It's both OS X and Windows compatible. Why not make it open-source? It would be great for those who'd like to study the source code. Now, what about iTunes? It's free right? Yes, the program is free, but I can understand why Apple won't release iTunes source code since then it might be easy to get music cheaper than normal at the iTunes store. Also, Apple Mail, iMovie HD 6 (which is being given away by Apple), Mac System 7, Apple ][, and perhaps even the first version of Keynote or Pages (not Numbers since it's brand-new).... there's so much for which source code no longer needs to be hidden.

What are your thoughts?