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Friday, November 23, 2007

A Programmer's Christmas Wishlist

I'm really only starting out with programming, not very advanced, but Christmas is coming in about a month, so I got a few things together that I'd like.....

  1. Core Java, 8th edition (book)
  2. Apress Foundations of GTK+ Development (also a book)
  3. Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X (yet another book)
  4. C Primer Plus
  5. C++ Primer Plus The C++ Programming Language
Yes, I already have The C Programming Language (affectionally known as the K&R due to the authors' initials, so I though that the C++ Programming Language might be a perfect accompaniment.

I've gone onto Amazon to see the first chapter of C++ Primer Plus (try saying that 5 times fast) compared to the C++ Programming Language; I was inspired by a comment. I like the C++ Primer Plus and decided to get the C Primer Plus to accompany it.

Oh, yeah, no interpreted languages for me. I'm not telfully fond of them; perhaps one day I'll get into CGI with Perl or Python, but the web's not where I'm headed for now. Except for Ruby on Rails.... that looks interesting....


Anonymous said...

The C++ Primer by Lippman, et. al. is a better choice than the C++ Programming Language.

Igor said...

The GTK+ book its really nice, I highly recommend it ;)