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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mac OS X Dock on Top of the Screen

Have you ever wanted your Dock on top of the screen? It's pretty simple to do it in 3 simple steps.

  1. Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities)
  2. Type in defaults write com.apple.Dock orientation top
  3. Type in killall Dock

Note: this might not work with Leopard.


Dave said...

So, wouldn't you think Macs would be more advanced then that.

If I wanted the dock at the top of the screen, shouldn't I just be able to drag it to the top of the screen?

Anonymous said...

There's an easy way to set it to left, right, or bottom, but Apple apparently decided not to give the 'top' option in the GUI.

MacTipper said...

I've been looking around the 'net and I haven't had any luck with these commands. Have you tested this/gotten it to work in Leopard? The exact command I'm running is:

defaults write com.apple.Dock orientation top; killall Dock

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mykis said...

iam using os 10.5.6 and its not working :)

Patrick Braga said...


It doesn't work on Leopard.