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Friday, November 30, 2007

Learn your code! Geek Websites

I found a neat little website recently: Code Teacher. I'm trying to teach a friend Python and was looking for a nice tutorial for a beginner, and I found codeteacher.com a little more advanced and chose to use the official Python docs. Either way, I recommend it.

Here are a few other nice websites:

Official Python Tutorial

Python 101

Python 201

GeekPedia - like Wikipedia, but... not

The Uta Priss Programming Courses - her tutorials are pretty nice:



Server-Side Web Languages


MacTipper said...

I'm looking at learning my first programming language. Which would you suggest for programming in Mac? I've heard Java recommended because of OOP. What are Cocoa apps written in? Is it better to learn Java or Cocoa first? I've already done a lot with applescript, I don't know if that carries over or not, but will that help at all?

Any input would be appreciated,
My Mac-Tipping Blog

Marisela said...

Well said.