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Monday, November 26, 2007

Apple Finally Brings Some Customizability Back into the Mac OS

Remember that Roswell theme from OS 9? Well, you can't have the windows make noises when they close or minimize or whatever, but Leopard really provides a lot more customizability than Tiger did.

  • Menu bar - depending on your wallpaper, the menu bar appearance changes.
  • The Dock - leoparddocks.com


Igor said...

How do I make the menubar non-transparent?(clue: it require some terminal commands)

Is that the level of customization that you are talking about?

OSX will never reach the level of customization of Gnome or KDE in the Unix world.

The Unix Geek said...

Actually, OS X _is_ Unix and this application can let you have an opaque menu bar.

Igor said...

Why did you emphasize in the fact that OS X is Unix?, I didn't says that it wasn't!, defensive position?...

Yeah you have a third-party-hack to do it... but it should be integrated with OS X or am I wrong?

The Unix Geek said...

I emphasized that OS X is unix because you said it would "never reach the level of customization...in the Unix world".

I also agree that Apple should have integrated such options in an easier-to-use fashion than a third-party program.

Igor said...

I said: OSX will never reach the level of customization *of Gnome or KDE* in the Unix world.

I meant Gnome or KDE are better than Leopard!!!