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Monday, October 1, 2007

How to Triple-Boot a Mac.... the Easy Way

Ok. You've probably heard of a lot of different methods to triple-boot a Mac with OS X, Vista, and Ubuntu. Boot Camp betas expired recently so I haven't been able to test this out, and Vista's coming as soon as I raise enough money so here's my idea.

  1. Make sure you have OS X Leopard (If you don't know, go to Apple Menu>About this Mac. It should say "Version 10.5" or higher).
  2. Go to /Applications/Utilities (or in the Finder, ⇧⌘U) and select an app entitled "Boot Camp Assistant" or something like that.
  3. Follow the instructions to install Windows (XP SP2 or Vista).
  4. Reboot, holding down the Option (alt) key and boot up Windows. In Windows, install Wubi and select your *buntu.
  5. Reboot, hold down the Option key, and choose the Windows partition. There should be something asking you if you want Windows or Ubuntu.
There you go! If your Boot Camp beta still works, or if you have OS X Leopard beta, or the real OS X Leopard (since it _is_ October), try it out. 

Did it work for you?


ChrisMolinaro said...

wow amazing don't have to worry about hurting my computer! love ubuntu one thing I missed when I switched to a mac. thanks so much!