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Friday, September 28, 2007

Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10) Beta

Being that the Gutsy beta was released yesterday, I decided to download the beta and test it out. I like that the windows aren't as thin as before and are regular again. Apparently popular demand caused the "Elephant" wallpaper to appear in the beta. I like it better over the default "Simple Ubuntu." Go to the testing page, select the beta, and download!

The Megahertz Myth

Flash Windows Vista - with start menu!

Yes. I have done it again: an OS in Flash. Now not only can you move around the window, you can open up the start menu!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Today's Linux : Fedora 8 Test 2

This isn't really a review, just a quick blurb. Rawhide's coming along, so I decided to test it out. In my opinion, Fedora 8 is a step back from Moonshine (Fedora 7). There used to be folders in home saying "Documents," "Pictures," etc. Now there's just a Desktop folder. No more OpenOffice.org either. Just GNOME office. I hope it's just during the test releases. Anyway, I like the new Nodoka theme. 

Flickr link coming soon!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Windows XP in Flash

Ok, this is only a dumb little ActionScript flash thingy, but you can move the little IE window in this little Windows XP written in Flash I made today.

Visit http://theunixgeek.bravehost.com/ to access the file.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Java: A New Programming Language Experience

I've tried various programming languages and have had fun with all of them: QBASIC, Python, Visual Basic-like languages, C, C++, and a tad bit of Objective-C. Now, I'm going to try Java. I'm going with Java for several reasons: it's cross-platform, object-oriented, and is also web-based. I'm trying it out with the NetBeans IDE and am following these tutorials. I suggest you also try it out. Enjoy!

By the way, here's an online Java compiler. I don't think it does GUI, though.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Wubi: The Easy Way to Linux

Linux (Ubuntu specifically) is starting to become popular, but some people aren't sure whether or not they should install it. Here are two scenarios.
  1. So they go try to use a live CD and end up burning the ISO file to the CD instead of the image itself and gives up.
  2. The person is finally able to boot from the live CD and is playing around with Ubuntu. In his opinion, it's better than the old OS he had on his machine, but still wants to keep the old one for work reasons. Everything in the installer is going fine, but he has no idea what the partitioning is, so he accidentally wipes his entire HD.
That's where Wubi comes in. Wubi is a 20-something MB download that downloads and installs Ubuntu for you with no partitioning. Just a bootable virtual machine on your hard drive. I installed it on my old HP Pavilion and it works perfectly (it
's so old that Windows XP Home Edition, pre-SP1 calls itself Windows Whistler Personal :P). 
I give Wubi 5 apples of 5 for its ease of use and ease of installation. 

GeekThought : DVDs

Apple seems to phase something out every decade. First it was the command line in 1984, and then the floppy in 1998. If you watch the August 2007 Apple special event, Steve Jobs pays little attention to DVDs and sees the web as the next frontier for digital media. 

Is Apple phasing out the DVD?

(GeekThoughts are written to get opinions from the computer-using community. Share your thoughts on the topic by commenting on this post.)

GeekThought : Splash Screens

Are splash screens starting to die? Web browsers don't have splash screens anymore. OS X Leopard and Ubuntu Gutsy don't have splash screens....

What are your thoughts?

(GeekThoughts are written to get opinions from the computer-using community. Share your thoughts on the topic by commenting on this post.)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Is OS/2 Still Alive?

Is IBM's old Windows competitor still alive? 13 visits to The Unix Geek have been made by OS/2 users.... creepy.....

RealBASIC 2007R3 Review

RealBASIC 2007R3 is by far the best development tool I've seen out there (yes, even better than Xcode). Why do I say that? For a simple reason: it's cross-platform. On my MacBook I created a simple history quiz in about 20 minutes with a Visual Basic-like language that ran on my Mac and my PC running Windows XP and Ubuntu Feisty.

One problem with this easy cross-platform IDE is that you have to be careful about designing your interface. My program's interface worked fine with OS X Tiger and XP, but with Ubuntu, things got a little weird. Some lines were too long, cutting out part of the text, and the "Submit" button I put was halfway cut (you can download this quiz, by the way at http://code.google.com/p/studyquiz )

System requirements aren't too bad. Windows 2000/OS X Panther or later, 1 GHz processor/ 1 Gig of RAM. Compiled apps run on systems as old as Windows 98. The pricing of the product, however, is pretty high. For standard, you can pay $99. If you want your apps to be cross-platform, $500 is the price you pay. You can by RealBASIC at realsoftware.com/store.

I give RealBASIC 4.5 apples out of 5, losing an apple for a ridiculously high price.