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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Wonder of Handheld PC's

Today I came across an old handheld PC (NEC MobilePro 790, to be specific - pictured) at a garage sale, and I was unsure whether I should buy the old Windows CE 3.x machine for $25. After researching the same machine on the internet, the lowest price was $190! I was surprised at how good a deal this was!


  • It loads more quickly than any other PC I've ever used (well, then again, it is an embedded system...)

  • It has a touchscreen (meant for a stylus, but still works with the finger). I wonder at times why this touchscreen technology isn't integrated in most modern notebooks.

  • It's perfect for students - it's tiny and you can carry it around


  • Battery life isn't the best Turns out it's better than my MacBook's :0

  • Wouldn't fit in your pocket

  • only includes a modem; no ethernet, sadly - but hey, at least it has IE!

What are your opinions on these old little beauties? Post your opinions as comments :)


Anonymous said...

Nice find... Its a little big but it would be better than carrying around a Laptop everywhere.

BTW to answer your question that I just saw, I found your Blog through Google. I forget what I was researching but I ran across it and found it interesting.

Fifth Rider said...

I have a small hoard of these things: best solution for mobile word processing.