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Friday, July 20, 2007

How to Make Wallpaper with the GIMP

Believe it or not, you can make beautiful wallpaper...... FROM


It's quite simple, and you can do it (provided you have the GIMP) in 10 simple steps.

1. Fire up the GIMP.

2. File > New>Template:800x600
3. Select an animal. Say, an elephant. Scribble its out
line with one of the animal's colors.

4. Now select another color that animal has and fill in the outline, scribbling.

5. Now scribble in a quick scenery; don't add too many objects.

6. Select Filters>Artistic>Cubism. Set the the cube size high; same with the saturation.
7. Marvel at your work. Save this point. If you like it as is, go to step nine. If you'd like to change it a bit, we're not done...

8. Go to Filters>Artistic>Gimpressionist and under the "Presets" tab, select whichever one suits you. For this example, I'll pick "Feathers."

9. Save it as a new name.

10. Set it as your wallpaper!

*Scribbling is the key to getting this right.
*Some of the presets might not go well with the result of step 6. Ctrl-Z (yes, Ctrl even on a Mac) to undo step 8 and continue to step 9.

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! that's funny. The Gimp is great, isn't it?