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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 3 Review

I recently did a little review on Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 1; there wasn't much too it. Now, this isn't really a review on Tribe 3, but more of a feature overview, including those not mentioned in the official list.  Now, I'm downloading Tribe 3. According to the
Ubuntu website(NOTE: THIS LINK WILL GO OUT OF DATE IN OCTOBER), all the appearance options are in one window now, like in Windows. It's pictured here.
Another thing that I'm extremely happy about is the fact that now ther
e are the regular Documents, Photos, Videos, Downloads, etc. folders in the home folder! That's the biggest feature of Ubuntu I missed, comparing it to Fedora, Knoppix, Mandriva, etc. See picture, taken from here.
Gran Paradiso (Firefox 3 Alpha) is also included. Gaim is now Pidgin (yay, pidgeons)!

I'm downloading the Tribe right now. Updates coming soon!

After testing it out, I found three other neat little features (some of them might not be really "features," though.

One of these "features" is the fact that after login, the desktop opens automatically; there is no splash screen, which is a big jump from previous Ubuntu versions.
The "Human" cursor theme has been replaced by "DMZ white" and "DMZ black."
Tabs have a pleasant fading color effect.
Stay tuned 'till October for more new Gutsy features!