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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Today's Linux: Fedora 7

Fedora 7 has been dubbed "The operating system that reaches higher," represented by hot air balloons throughout the installation and system. The installation was pretty user-friendly. Now, booting: interactive startup is pretty with all the blue clouds and balloons, and I'm not sure whether this is only on the first startup or not, but it kept asking questions, most of which had [Y] right after it, so I answered Y (means "yes") for all of them. It's really annoying.

Now, after all that, the user-creating and time-setting aspects of the OS came up. Again, very user-friendly with lots of hot-air balloons. Then the sample sound - very nice, smooth, and relaxing. And, finished. Now, my cursor sits on my screen.... waiting.... I restart the computer (I shouldn't have chosen to send hardware information).

And now... the questions again. The only one I answer "N" to is "initial startup," otherwise the same thing would happen again. Finally, I log in as my non-root user account and am prompted if I want to install the upgrades or not. I'm not sure when F7 was released, but it must have been recently since there are only 8 upgrades. I'll apply them. While they do their job, I'm gonna change the theme to Bluecurve and see what wallpapers Fedora has.

The system menu is more organized than Ubuntu's. Preferences, instead of being a huge endless line of options, is divided into 5 categories: Personal, Look and Feel, Internet/Network, Hardware, and System. Administration, however is like Ubuntu, since there aren't as many Admin options compared to personal. I select the Bluecurve theme, but the icons don't seem to fit. Back to the Fedora theme! Now for the wallpapers: there is a vast selection of wonderful wallpapers. I'll stick to the default "flying high" one.

Overall, I have to say that Fedora is a great distro, and I would reccomend it to anyone.

Fedora is made by Red Hat Corporation and a Fedora is a type of hat.