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Friday, June 1, 2007

OS X vs Ubuntu 7.04

This little comparison is based off of X vs XP, a nice comparison between OS X and Windows XP. Now, I'm using the similar standards to compare Intel OS X to Ubuntu 7.04, a Linux distro.

Installing and Uninstalling
OS X: Drag app out of .dmg to install, drag it to trash to uninstall.
Linux: Synaptic Package Manager helps to simplify Linux package installation, but is still harder to use; an alternate way to install software is with the Add/Remove Software option.
Mac OS X
Launching Applications
OS X: Double-click on it.
Linux: Either double-click on it or run a command from Alt+F2.
Legacy Application Support
OS X: Intel OS X doesn't support PPC OS 9 apps.
Linux: Runs any Linux app, no matter how old.
Web Browsing
OS X: Comes with Safari, a tabbed browser.
Linux: Comes with FireFox, a tabbed browser; it's extendable and customizable.
OS X: Simple, not too much too it. Has a junk filter.
Linux: Simple, has PIM. No junk filter.
OS X: AIM and .Mac
Linux: Most known IM services.
OS X: Easier to use.
Linux: Definitions are not as good.
Developer Tools:
OS X: The terminal comes with more developer commands, and Xcode comes on the install DVD.
Linux: Some developer tools in terminal; may need to install restricted software or build-essential

OS X: 3 , Linux: 3

OS X is a definite winner here, but it's all up to you. Your choice. This is based from a beginner's point of view to the operating systems, and I noticed I was being a little biased to OS X originally. I myself find them to be tied. It's really all up to personal preference. Either way, both beat Windows :-)


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you got your facts. The Application Launching, run exactly the same in both (through Double-Click or Terminal), so how does OS-X win out on that? As far as the e-mail client, Evolution (the e-mail client that comes with a clean install of Ubuntu) has junk mail filtering and is no more difficult to set up than Microsoft Outlook Express or Apple Mail (both defaults in their respective OSs).

Making this a solid 3-3-2 tie between the two OSs using the criterion that you had listed and not including a benchmark.

Ben Dover said...

Ubuntu Linux or Mint Linux Celena will out perform OS X all the time and are much more user friendly. OS X is just a proprietary linux based OS with lots of restrictions

Anonymous said...

"Ubuntu Linux or Mint Linux Celena will out perform OS X all the time and are much more user friendly. OS X is just a proprietary linux based OS with lots of restrictions"

Where on earth do you get your facts? OS X is no way Linux based (it uses the XNU kernel). Ubuntu outperform it. In what way? You have any data to back that up? Restrictions. What restrictions?

Linux more user friendly. What are you smoking?