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Friday, June 1, 2007

June 2007 - You know what that means.....

Yes, sir! It's June 2007 and you know what that means: WWDC! WWDC, in case you don't know, stands for "WorldWide Developers' Conference," hosted by Apple. You have to pay roughly $1100 to go to this thing, though, but if you're a growing Mac developer, then you'd really enjoy it. If you can't make it, videos are always available on YouTube ;-)

This year, Apple's releasing the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Beta. It is planned to be released in October, and hopefully will make some Vista users want to turn around to something better. Leopard has ten major new features (plus 200 more, as claimed by Apple):

1. Time Machine: a revolutionary backup system - automatically backs up every single little change.
2. Mail: currently, with Apple Mail, all you have is a boring place to type email - the fonts/color menus aren't easily accessible, and it's all just messy. Now, with Mail 3, you can add Stationery to your mai. to make it cooler.
3. iChat: Make your friends think you're in the French Polynesia with cool video backdrops, and share your screens to watch a movie or work on a project together.
4. Spaces: These have been around since GUI's for Linux came by.
5. Dashboard: Now you can make your own widgets with Dashcode and make web clip widgets from Safari.
6. Spotlight: Now you can search other Macs (and maybe even PC's) on the same network and use Boolean logic.
7: iCal: more sharing capabilities.
8: Accesibility: the Alex voice is.... WOW
9. 64-bit: now it's 100% 64-bit.
10. Core animation: better graphics