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Monday, May 28, 2007

WebOS - is it just a FACTAS?

Many of you may have already heard of WebOS's, online operating systems to store your files, apps, .... wait a moment .... operating system? Not really: you need an operating system to run a web browser, and the browser runs the WebOS. Although it's called an "online operating system," it's more like a "flash application connected to a server." So, we've heard of WYSISYG (what you see is what you get), so what's so bad about a FACTAS? I mean, a computer computes - it's based off of zeros and ones. A keyboard is a board of keys to press. A mouse is a device that resembles a small furry mammal (hey, at least they look alike). A trackpad is a pad that tracks finger movements. Do I need to go on? YouOS, change your name to YouFACTAS or something. The name might really confuse people.

But they're still useful. I mean, YouOS is a pretty nice one. For more good ones, visit the big WebOS roundup article.


Rocinante said...

Actually, since A. Not all "WebOS"s are flash-based, B. It is run from a server, not connected to, and C. It is a collection of apps, not a single one, OAGRFAS (online application group run from a server) would be more suitable. Moreover, if one pronounces "FACTAS", it sounds like Fat A**, which is not the right idea. Finally, I think that the best name for these is WebOEs (operating environments), or WOEs.

PVTechGeek said...

A. True. Some are JavaScript based. ---- B. But if it's run from a server it must also be connected to it ;-) ------ C. It actually is just a single app. In programming we have things called "subs" - they're like mini-programs as part of a larger program, sort of like functions in C/C++ or Python. They're actually all part of the program, they're not separate. Otherwise, these WOEs, as you like to call them, would be a page with links to other pages, in which case you wouldn't be able to run more than one in a single window.