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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Today's Old Computer: The NeXT Cube

Yes. The NeXT Cube, and it was the first of its kind. After leaving Apple in the late 1980's, Steve Jobs wanted to create a more revolutionary computer: one even more revolutionary than the Macintosh. The business Mac is what one might call it - the NeXT Cube. After exploring it awhile one can easily see that most of Mac OS X's modern features come from NeXTSTEP(the OS): the dock, UN*X, and even the early Finder looked like NeXTSTEP's file browser. The NeXT Cube was a bit strange for its time - no floppy, black case, no hard drive, and a web browser! Yes, a web browser in 1988 (not very useful, though). So, all you Mac users, you better thank Steve Jobs for bring so many NeXTSTEP innovations into OS X, and it all began with this little cube (Mac Mini pops in my head....)