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Monday, May 7, 2007

Today's Linux: Ubuntu

You're probably interested in learning more about Linux, after all I've said about it. In case you still don't know what inux is, Linux is a free operating system that can be downloaded from the internet and burnt to a disk, from which you install it on your computer.

Ubuntu is a special version of Linux. Its tagline is "Linux for Human Beings". After using it many times and even installing it on one of my old PC's, I realized that this is the best Linux I've ever used. I'm serious! If you've ever used any other Linux, it's just weird. Ubuntu has a more familiar look. It also makes installing software quick and easy.

If you look at the screenshot of Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn), it's easy! If you're used to Windows, you have the taskbar. If you're used to the Classic Mac OS, You've got all your apps in the upper-left corner. And if you're used to Mac OS X, the clock and utilities are at the upper-right corner.

Try it out! The CD won't harm your hard drive (unless you install it, of course). If you wish to install Ubuntu while leaving Windows, defragment the hard drive before installing.

Ubuntu proves that Linux doesn't have to be hard to learn. It's very easy and fun to use.